About The Candidate

My name is Tim Kuzma and I was born and raised in Erie, PA. I feel blessed to have had the experience of growing up in this great region. I was raised in a loving home with my parents and my 4 siblings. Our home was one of faith, love, and strong family bonds. From a very early age and with the support of my family, I was active in sports, including football, wrestling, and swimming. In high school, I found my niche’ when I began springboard diving. I was very successful in this sport and carried that with me throughout my college career. I dove at Allegheny College where I qualified for the NCAA D-3 Championship and the USA Diving Outdoor Zone Qualifier. I finished my college career at Gannon University, earning a BS in Business Administration. At that time, I was recruited to perform with the US High Diving Team. For the next ten years, I travelled extensively throughout the world as a professional stunt diver. I transitioned from performer to management and was responsible for recruiting and operations with the Bridgewater Performance Corp., located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In 1995 I moved back to Erie and began a coaching career at Allegheny College. After many seasons of a very successful and award-winning coaching career, I wrapped up my coaching career at Gannon University. In 2004, I acquired my real estate license. As a realtor for the past 14 years, I have facilitated hundreds of real estate transfers. As an investor, I have purchased, sold, and currently own several rental properties. It is through my current line of work that I decided to run for State House of Representatives. I have heard the concerns of people moving into our community and those of people leaving our community. I have listened to the wants and needs of my fellow Erie neighbors. I want to make positive changes for Erie, including developing our communities, our schools, and our workplaces in an effort for everyone in Erie to realize their dreams. I believe that my life experiences of working for and with others makes me the strongest candidate for the position of State house of Representative. My strengths include a keen knowledge of fiscal discipline and commons sense spending. I intend to include and encourage community involvement. I believe that we need to utilize, encourage, and support the talent of our community. It will begin at home. It will begin in schools and churches. It will begin in the workplace. It will begin in our communities. I will encourage all of Erie to come together and make this community a safe, healthy, peaceful place to live.

My Priorities

Good Government

Effective government needs to be patient and diligent. Elected officials need to work in a timely fashion to pass legislation that has a sound financial backbone.
My priority is to bring good government to the people of Erie! I want community involvement! I want young people to have the opportunity to understand and be involved in decision making. I want businesses to be competitive and successful. I want our workforce to be compensated fairly. I want seniors to have healthcare options that are affordable. I want the community to be aware of what government is doing by having full transparency. I want the community to work together to make the Erie Region an even greater place to enjoy living. I want Erie to always be “healthy, wealthy, and wise”.


I understand the impact of education debt.
I understand the financial concerns of our seniors and of those caring for our seniors
I understand the need to inspire our youth to understand the opportunities of life.
I understand the struggle of a household budget.
I understand the power of prayer
I understand the importance of teachers, coaches, and mentors for all ages.


People want to understand what is happening in Harrisburg.
What are our representatives doing to serve and protect the interests of Pennsylvanians? How are they spending our tax dollars? How are we allocating our resources? How are we competing economically? I want to empower constituents with the knowledge of a transparent state government.


Country is exceptional
Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld
Leaders should serve people, not special interests
Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion
Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient
Health care decisions should be made by a patient and their doctor, not the insurance companies
Military must be strong and prepared to defend our shores
Culture should respect and protect life
Children should never be left in failing schools
Veterans should have the best care and opportunities in the world
Social programs should help lift people out of poverty
America should be energy independent

Coffee With The Candidate

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