“Good Government”
We need good government for our communities. Good government is the combination of good ideas paired with the financial numbers to support those ideas. Our government leaders have a lot of great ideas on how to improve our communities, but without a sound financial plan to back these up, those ideas end up becoming a tax liability to taxpayers. Effective government needs to be patient and diligent. Elected officials need to work in a timely fashion to pass legislation that has a sound financial backbone.

My Priorities

My priority is to bring good government to the people of Erie! I want community involvement! I want young people to have the opportunity to understand and be involved in decision making. I want businesses to be competitive and successful. I want our workforce to be compensated fairly. I want seniors to have healthcare options that are affordable. I want the community to be aware of what government is doing by having full transparency. I want the community to work together to make the Erie Region an even greater place to enjoy living. I want Erie to always be “healthy, wealthy, and wise”.


Everyone is welcome and invited to be a part of the team! Every effort is appreciated and no effort is too small. Our objective is simple…get the word out. “VOTE FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT! VOTE FOR TIM KUZMA!”



My name is Tim Kuzma and I was born and raised in Erie, PA. I feel blessed to have had the experience of growing up in this great region. I was raised in a loving home with my parents and my 4 siblings. Our home was one of faith, love, and strong family bonds.

Coffee With The Candidate

Your concerns matter to me. Request a meet & greet today and show me your business.

2nd Legislative District